Thursday, 8 October 2009


As a psychologist in training, I'm always analasing, researching, reading new theories, mostly theories that could be related to everyday life. Now that lectures are in full swing ; I'm always wondering if Psychology Lecturers are analasing as much as me? Observing- seeing the unseen.

Its such a powerful tool to know what somebody else is thinking before they have even realised they are thinking it. To know how to engage your students when you are sure that they do not want to be there,or are there because of the fright and pure loyality to the start of your course, even after a heavy night out with random students and watered down vodka.

IF they have this "power" or just pure useful knowledge ; why don't they use it more often? I know this is extreme, but take Derren Brown for example. He has done years of psychology training, research of theories, studies & experiments. He has put that to use, he is able to predict actions, to predict behaviours, and yes this is due to the range of knowledge and practice he has put into it. But surely if he is able to do all of this, under the age of 40, then these psychologists have just wasted their time? Unless, of course they are doing another path of psychology which actually helps people instead of having "self knowledge" and giving yourself "self satisfaction", at the end of the day, you are what is important, people need help, but you always end up looking out for yourself first. The more healthy you are : mentally and physically, the more you are able to help others.

I suppose it would be hard to make a living out of just knowing what people are thinking and knowing what actions they are going to take before its happened. Unless you're Derren Brown of course, even still, he struggled at first to get his name out. Then again, its not about showing off, just knowing that you can do that and how hard you have worked to gain that knowledge would be incredible.

Anyway, I find it very inspiring to know that maybe one day I will hopefully be able to figure out the everyday human behaviours and emotions. Maybe this will make me a stronger person and I'll stop over thinking everything!

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