Friday, 9 October 2009

Barack Obama Winning the Nobel Prize

So I've just read that Barack Obama has won the "Nobel Peace Prize". Apparantly he has actioned the most peace - to be honest I'm not much of a politcal follower as I think that most of it is nonsense and all these politicians trying to be democratic are just wasting time trying to think of ways on how to be democratic than actually being democratic - if that makes sense!

I don't think its fair to give the award to him, he's been president for 10 months. The reason he has had so much publicity is because he's the first black president ; and yes I agree with his manifesto to create peace and international diplomacy but where have we seen proof that his idea's are being put into place and actually working?

We have to remember that there is still a war going on in Afghanistan ; American and British troops are still being killed.He's just sent out more American troops to Afghanistan, I really don't think this will help, actually it will probably make it worse. Most of the troops are going out there already hating the Afghanistans and Iraian troops, I doubt in their own heads they are thinking to "make peace" rather than "lets kill them before they kill us".

Both power-houses, the big government need to pull back as many troops as possible from both sides, the less troops - the less people- the less people to fight eachother. Eventually both sides will realise that they are fighting not for nations, but for pride. The more people that get sent to war , the more people are going to die.

However to be fair on Obama, he has called for dis-arment in an attempt to create "peace", but unfortunatley failed. One nation isn't going to create peace, we have to unite together and the whole UN call dis-arment! Put down your weapons!

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